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8 Requirements for the Next Generation of Data Protection

With hundreds of enterprise customers across verticals from manufacturing and healthcare to finance and government, BTL understands the multiple facets and needs of data protection. Scalability, consistency, data control, and ease-of-use are all fundamental needs while being able to efficiently and effectively recover data and applications. There are many key requirements that need to be satisfied projects that will truly improve data protection:

Short Backup Windows

Minimize the time it takes to capture and copy data from your application to the data protection appliance

Low Impact on Production Apps

Need to keep production applications running at top performance, even during backup windows

Storage Efficiency

Deduplicate and compress as much as possible without sacrificing data access times

Leverage Cloud Economics

Organizations are looking to leverage cloud to vault data and recover applications.

Fast, Efficient Restorations

Ability to restore anything from a lost file to the entire datacenter from the same platform


Downtime exponentially costs money. Need to minimize the time it takes to recover applications with complete automation


Many industries have specific regulations that may require the organization to “stand-up” a database or application at a past point-in-time for analytics or forensic analysis or retain data for multiple years

Point-in-Time Recovery

Recover data from a past point-in-time

When organizations are looking to modernize their backup and DR, they don’t want to collect and use numerous point tools from multiple vendors; they want to satisfy all of the above needs with one platform from one vendor.

Modernize with Copy Data Virtualization

Just as enterprises virtualized their applications and infrastructure they are quickly seeing the advantage of virtualizing their data.

BTL’s enterprise-class Copy Data Virtualization platform delivers the resiliency your business needs across all the different ways you need it: backup, snapshot, DR, and test/dev, all with enterprise-class performance and scalability.

BTL’s Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) technology delivers application-centric, SLA-driven automation to data protection in which VDP consolidates all of the copies used for data protection and all of the tools used into a single, easy to use interface.

The result is a single, radically simple solution—efficiently virtualizing all copies of production data for data protection, application development and test, analytics, and more. BTL VDP manages all of your data protection and recovery through a single platform, from only one golden copy of your production data. BTL’s approach to properly Capture, Manage, and Use data is Radically Simple.

Near Instant Recoveries for Multiple Use Cases

BTL VDP creates and updates a single golden image of data, tracking each point-in-time based on an SLA. BTL provides data virtualization technology that can synthesize and mount a ‘virtual full’ image nearly instantaneously.
BTL presents a writable ‘virtual copy’ to any virtual machine or physical server using iSCSI or Fiber Channel protocol. It does not matter whether it’s a 200 GB file system or an 80 TB database; BTL VDP makes those data sets accessible in a near instant fashion.

Multiple IT users can leverage BTL in a self-service fashion to provision multiple re-writable virtual copies of production data sets instantly. These virtual copies can be leveraged for multiple use cases such as restores, data integrity checks, run business analytics, reporting, pre-production\ staging testing for new patches, and dev-test. These writable virtual copies are storage efficient and scalable for the various use cases mentioned in customer’s data centers or public cloud such as AWS or BTL and VMware powered cloud service providers.

Long-Term Data Retention

Data is typically stored in a ready to use state for fast, efficient access. This data can also be deduplicated and compressed for long-term retention locally or stored in cheap efficient Object Storage like S3. Based on your Service Level Agreements, images will be stored for as long as required in the most efficient manner to meet the organization’s needs or compliance obligations.

Disaster Recovery Automation

With BTL Resiliency Director, you can achieve non-disruptive, automated recovery and have the ability to test your recovery plans.
Executing a full-scale application and associated VM recovery is a complex task that spans data, network, and compute. Application dependencies, timing and sequence of recovery, and large-scale datasets create enormous pressure on recovering within a required timeframe, with assurance of an ability to resume operations.

BTL Copy Data Virtualization Benefits

Organizations no longer have to live with the pain of backup and backup restoration when implanting a better approach – Copy Data Virtualization from BTL. By taking a fresh look at data protection and implementing new advanced technology methods, organizations can achieve:

Near Instant Access

BTL uses data virtualization technology that will synthesize and mount a ‘virtual full’ image nearly instantaneously.

Incremental Forever

Full backups are never again required after initial injest. Only changes made are captured and merged with the golden image.

Changed Block Tracking

VDP will track changes made to your data in the most efficient way possible depending on the application an/or database type and based on administrator defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Point-in-time Full Images

When you need to restore lost or corrupt data, you can accomplish this immediately by selecting the image of a known good point-in-time. There is no need to restore a full backup, and then roll the changes from an incremental.

Writable, Scalable Images

Mounted images are all read/ writable with capability to have many images operating simultaneously. Production can be run from the BTL appliance allowing for very fast PTO.

Heterogeneous Environments

Downtime exponentially cost money. Need to minimize the time it takes to recover.


BTL VDP can work in your environment whether your applications are physical, virtual, running in the cloud or most likely mixed environments using the same appliance.

Storage Efficiency

BTL VDP keeps a single golden image of your data and only tracks the changes between points in time. This results in very little storage usage as duplicate data is only stored once.

Global Deduplication

Data can be deduplicated and compressed for long-term retention locally or at a remote location meeting your data protection and compliance needs.

WAN Optimization

Dedup Async Replication technology is an efficient way to move or migrate data between locations or to the cloud. All data is deduplicatyed and compressed before replication


BTL is the last backup modernization you’ll ever need.

It delivers foreseeable future-proof data protection – application-centric but use case- and infrastructure-agnostic data management — to solve an exasperating problem in a totally new way. It will dramatically accelerate RTO while reducing total cost of ownership and ongoing operational complexity, eliminating the need for point tools piled on point tools across vendors of backup software and servers, specialized deduplication systems, disaster recovery orchestration, and archive repositories. Managing copy data on a single, dedicated system of record will improve control and accelerate the performance of your production environment, freeing up expensive primary storage, bandwidth, and man-time.

The time has come for a new approach. Virtualizing your copy data will save you time, money, and complexity by creating a single “golden copy” available anywhere instantly, streamlining IT infrastructure and operations. Replace your legacy data protection methods with a radically simple system and allows data management to function at unprecedented scale and performance levels, and you’ll fix your backup problem once and for all.

About BTL

Just as enterprises virtualized their applications and infrastructure they are quickly seeing the advantage of virtualizing their data. Our Virtual Data Pipeline™ powered by Actifio decouples data from infrastructure, enabling dramatic improvements in business resiliency, agility, and access to the cloud. Virtualizing data replaces siloed data management applications with a radically simple, application-centric, SLA-driven approach that lets customers capture data from production applications, manage it more economically, and use it when and where they need. The result is enterprise data available for any use, anytime, anywhere. Join more than 3,600 enterprises in 38 countries that rely on Actifio solutions to modernize protection, management and access to data in order to advance their strategic initiatives

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