Client Service First, Last and Always: Our methodology improves your situation by identifying goals, assessing your situation then weighing and presenting alternatives where necessary. The next step is designing and implementing based on the agreed upon outcomes. Once implemented, we evaluate results and make changes as required.
Generally, we won’t recommend the disruption that comes with a wholesale “forklift” replacement. Often, we discover a few changes will breathe new life into existing solutions such as archiving old, stale user data.
During our onboarding process, a designated Technical Account Manager (TAM) becomes your primary point of contact and acts as an outsourced backup, recovery and service manager. Your TAM monitors backup and sync operations knows your environment and saves you from the “1-800 front-line-support” challenges we’ve all experienced.

Tiering Archive Service

Reclaim up to 78% of Tier-1 NAS & SAN capacity by tiering cold data to lower-cost storage

Key Benefits of Tiering and Archive Service:

  • Extends the life and performance of primary storage
  • Manages the cost of data growth
  • Streamlines data backup and recovery
  • Encrypts and securely transfers data to lower cost cloud tier
  • Archive tier is backup-free object storage with 10 nines of durability
  • Reduces inactive data storage costs by as much as 83%
  • Requires ZERO workflow changes – unique to the industry
  • Provides real time-views and easy management

Data Protection as a Service

Our DPaaS delivers true data protection for today’s evolving digital enterprise specifically designed for cloud-hybrid environments. This approach protects all your valuable data and provides flexible recovery anywhere, anytime. Our “Capture, Manage & Use” approach enables clients to use “Backup” for multiple scenarios like instant access for Dev, QA & Test, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics

Solutions for Every RTO & RPOs

Multi-TB database recovery time slashed from “more than 24 hours to minutes”
“Backup times have been reduced 96%, from 12 to 14 hours to less than half an hour”
“We recovered [provisioned] a 100 TB Oracle DB in 22 minutes for application QA testing”
“9 TB Oracle database backup jobs ran as long as 26 hours…now backup times cut to a few minutes.”
“50% reduction in backup storage capacity, $400k elimination of specialized scripting, substantial staff time saved through simplified operations”
“Total cost of ownership was shown to be 40% below competition”
“90% reduction in Dev database provisioning times”

Disaster Recover as a Service

DRaaS must be reliable and simple, effectively achieving recovery time objectives (RTO) at an acceptable to cost.
Tracking and managing dependencies among VM application components is critical. Unfortunately, we’ve discovered most organizations resort to tracking these “rules of engagement” manually in complicated spreadsheets. No wonder inaccurate information is a main reason for DR test failure.
Our Disaster Recovery Orchestration (DRO) introduces automation software that integrates with underlying replication technology to orchestrate one-click DR plans specifying: Grouping/Order, Network & Resource Pools

Multiple DR Plans for lower RTO

  • One-Click DR to minimizes downtime loss
  • Non-Disruptive zero impact testing
  • Change Notification so production & DR always in sync
  • Security Automation for secure reliable access
  • Scheduled Automated and Unattended DR drills
  • Role-Based Access Control for security & management
  • Storage Agnostic to eliminates “lock-in” & lowers TCO
  • One Platform for all these capabilities, supplied by a single vendor, on one platform and significantly lowering TCO

Anywhere File Service

Our Enterprise Anywhere File Service (AFS) focuses on increasing productivity and security. Our platform provides file synchronization, backup, remote file sharing, data protection and mobile device management to increase productivity and reduce risk in a secure, simple and smart way.

Advantages of Anywhere File Service include:

  • Secure on-premises solution with IT visibility and control.
  • Ease of deployment, administration and use.
  • Data integrity assurance with WORM and encryption.
  • Greater storage & network efficiency custom data protection levels, advanced replication and file versioning.
  • Integrated single-vendor solution far beyond simply sync and share.

Cloud Storage Service

Our Cloud Storage Service (S3, API etc.) provides durable, secure and cost-effective cloud storage for a variety of backup needs. Combine with custom in cloud access to meet all your needs.

  • Resilient and available
  • Cost-efficient
  • Durable
  • Fast data recovery
  • Secure
  • Scale on demand
  • Priced for your needs
  • Custom data protection policies

Global Reach with Personal Service

Backup Partners

About Backup Tech

Founded in 2005, Backup Tech has become a world leader in the Enterprise Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity markets, with an international customer base from a wide range of sectors.
Based in Houston TX, we have a global reach with offices, data centers and partners throughout the world. We serve customers in virtually every territory of the world. Our Global infrastructure along with over 300 technical experts fully certified to supply private and public cloud services place us at the forefront of the digital transformation. This along with our major accreditations and certifications such as – ISO9001, ISO27001 & SSAE16 – are a direct result of hard work, dedication and delivery of world class operating practices.