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Disaster Recovery

One-Click Scale Out DR Orchestration in a Virtual World

About Disaster Recovery

Not if. When. Is your business ready for a disaster?

For many, the answer is “maybe.” At best.

Now you can be 100% ready. Our DR service takes the guesswork out of designing DR plans.

We can help you recover from ransomware attacks, virus attacks, human error, and natural disasters.

Our storage-agnostic environment eliminates infrastructure vendor lock-in and lowers TCO while making the DR process faster, easier, and more cost-effective.




Our Disaster Recovery Service Solves the Following Problems:

Major data losses
Disruptive testing
Overly complex operations
The need for costly secondary site infrastructure
The need for multiple point products
Flexible recovery
Eliminate complex spreadsheets for DR testing and execution
Simplified DR planning

BCDR Option

We can help you end your reliance on a patchwork of legacy products. You can design, test, and execute DR strategies with one click. Our unified, policy-drive approach simplifies business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) into one single solution. You’ll also gain the ability to restore your critical applications and data to any point in time and location, from years ago to seconds before disaster strikes.

DRaaS Option

You’ll also cut unnecessary hardware purchases and IT maintenance tasks from your DR operations. Cut costs even further with a DRaaS option that eliminates secondary infrastructure so you can use pay-as-you-go cloud resources instead. You’ll lower your vulnerability and improve your sustainability by reducing your
data footprint

Virtual Machines

Finally, there are complex security rules that define communications and protocols among virtual machines (VMs). The manual processes to manage these rules during disaster recovery creates a demanding operational burden that is dangerously error-prone. We make DR reliable and simple, instead.

Flexible Solutions

You can self-manage your DR or leverage Backup Technology-managed disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) all through a single, global user interface. You gain one platform to protect and recover all your apps, a platform that uses a single policy engine. You gain the power to set the order of recovery for virtual machines, such as: Active Directory, Database, App Servers, Web Servers.

You can customize IP, DNS, VLAN port groups and VM names. Even VMs with multiple NICs can be customized, with a different IP assigned to each NIC.

Near-zero downtime

Near-zero data loss

Zero headaches

Disaster Recovery
Orchestration (DRO)

Our Disaster Recovery Orchestration (DRO) introduces automation software that integrates with underlying replication technology to allow for one-click DR. DR planning becomes simple with an easy-to-use DRO web user interface. Enterprises may even schedule recurring execution of DR test plans and automate custom application transaction testing that ensures end-to-end application integrity.

Endless Benefits


Security Automation allows users to specify pre-and-postscripts for every VM, and every plan. Using these scripts, users can instantiate firewalls, set-up firewall rules, setup DNS redirection, or adjust any other network or security setting. This end-to-end workflow and automation ensures that recoveries are secure, reliable, and fast.


Role-based access control (RBAC) and multi-tenancy allows users to set role-based access controls that are integrated into their Active Directory/LDAP. This allows you to assign users to one of four roles: DRO Admin, DRO Manage, DRO Run, ad DRO View. This means better security controls and reduced operational burdens for large enterprise customers and managed service providers.


Unlimited scalability and on-demand scaling let us tailor your DR solution to your business.


We offer one platform for everything, which means you can handle multiple operations with a few clicks!

System Requirements

In addition to our Data Protection Service, the DRO has two additional components.

DRO Collector

The DRO Collector is available as an OVA and needs at least
2 vCPUs, 8 GB RAM, 40 GB storage

DRO Server

The DRO Server is also available as an OVA and needs at least
8 vCPUS, 16 GB RAM, 40 GB Storage

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Your quote will be customized to the needs of your enterprise. You can bundle DRaaS with our Data Protection Service, or use it as a stand-alone DR business continuity-only solution.

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