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Archive Tiering

Reclaim up to 78% of Tier-1 NAS & SAN Capacity by Tiering Cod
Data to Lower Cost Storage

About Archive Tiering

Only 10% of your data is hot, requiring frequent access and use. This business-critical information should be at your fingertips constantly, but what about all the rest of it?

30% of your data is only warm. It needs to be on hand but is only accessed occasionally.

If your data is growing faster than your budget, archive tiering is the solution. We solve your major storage challenges.

Cold Storage.

The other 60%? Belongs in cold storage. It consists of all those documents, emails, presentations, spreadsheets, graphic files, and video files that get created, used, saved, and never used again, consuming expensive disk space on production and backup servers while significantly increasing backup storage, window, and recovery times. Yet you cannot simply delete this information.

TAS Gateway

We solve your storage challenges with the TAS Gateway powered by Hitachi Vantara. This gateway leverages virtual file systems to eliminate traditional OS limitations. It adds encryption, security, data protection, retention, and tiering into a configurable, policy-based, automated solution set.

Your enterprise will benefit from our TAS gateway if…

You’re struggling because corporate data is growing faster than your budget.
Your company has millions, or even billions, of data files in storage.
You’re frustrated by storage-dependant file systems, forced migrations, and HW refreshes.
You’re irritated by storage vendor “lock-in” and “forklift” upgrades.
You’re considering hybrid cloud solutions to lower costs, but are concerned about security and control.
You’re managing a SAN or NAS that is nearing full capacity, is at the end of its life, or is facing unreasonable maintenance charges.
Your organization backs up and stores cold unused data exactly the same way it does essential user data.
You’re looking for a flexible, “storage independent” solution with seamless data migration.

Independent Archive Tiering Solution

Get a flexible storage independent archive tiering solution with seamless data migration.
Our process is quick, simple, and nonintrusive. It’s as simple as “install, discover, and analyze.”

Gain Total Control Over Your Data

Your FSA dashboard provides incredible control over your data.
Gain insights through detailed reports with drill-downs for every storage device, volume, and share in your environment.
Provide intelligence on storage consumption, growth rates, and costs by user, department, or category.
Mitigate risks by discovering who is storing unwanted files in your environment.
Assess potential cost savings through archival of old files and removal of duplicate files.
Plan storage growth by understanding growth trends and cost factors.

Not sure whether our archive tiering solutions are right for your business?

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