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Data Protection Solutions

At Backup Tech, we cater to diverse enterprise sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and government. We recognize that data protection needs vary, but we deliver essential solutions: scalability, consistency, data control, and seamless recovery for your organization’s success.

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Next Generation of Data Protection


Point-in-Time Full Images

When you need to restore lost or corrupt data, select the image of a known good point-in-time, and roll the changes forward from the incremental data capture.


Get Writeable, Scalable Images

Mounted images all have read/write capability and the ability to operate simultaneously. Run production from the BTL appliance for fast PTO.



Downtime costs money, so we help you minimize it. BTL VDP works whether your applications are physical, virtual, running in the cloud, or running in a mixed environment.

Global Deduplication

Duplicate or compress data for long-term local retention, or send it to a remote location as dictated by your data protection and compliance needs.


If your industry is regulated then you may need to “stand-up” a database or application at a past point-in-time for analytics or forensic analysis. You also need the ability to hold on to your data for years at a time.

Changed Block Tracking

Track changes made to your data.

Leverage Cloud Economics

Leverage cloud-to-vault data. Recover applications.

Fast, Efficient Restorations

Restore anything from a lost file to the entire data center to the same platform.

Requirements for Data Protection


Short Backup Windows

Minimize the time it takes to capture and copy data from your application to the data protection appliance.


Near-Instant Access

Synthesize and mount a “virtual full” image near-instantaneously.


Low-Impact on Production Apps

Keep production applications running at top performance, even during backup windows.

Incremental Forever

You’ll never need to make a full back-up again. We make the initial “golden image,” then capture and merge the changes.

Storage Efficiency

Deduplicate and compress as much as possible without sacrificing data access times.

Modernize with Copy Data Virtualization

BTL’s enterprise-class Copy Data Virtualization platform delivers the resiliency your business needs across all the different ways you need it: backup, snapshot, DR, and testing and development. We offer it all with enterprise-class performance and scalability.

BTL’s Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) technology delivers application-centric, SLA-driven automation to data protection in which VDP consolidates all of the copies used and all of the tools used into a single, easy-to-use interface.

The result?

A single, radically simple solution.

Near-Instant Recoveries for Multiple Use Cases

BTL VDP creates and updates a single “golden image” for your data, tracking each point-in-time based on an SLA. BTL provides data virtualization technology that ca synthesize and mount a “virtual full” image near-instantaneously.

BTL presents a writable “virtual copy” to any virtual machine or physical server using iSCSI or Fiber Channel protocol. It does not matter whether it’s a 200 GB file system or an 80 TB database. BTL VDP makes those data sets accessible in near-instant fashion.

Multiple IT users can leverage BTL in self-service fashion to provide multiple, rewritable virtual copies of production data sets, instantly. These virtual copies can be leveraged for restores, data integrity checks, business analytics, reporting, pre-production, and dev testing.

Long-Term Data Retention

Store data for as long as your compliance obligations or normal operations require.

Disaster Recovery Automation

DR never has to disrupt your operations again. Automated recovery. The ability to execute and test recovery plans. The ability to handle it all from a single user interface.

Backup Tech is the last backup modernization you’ll ever need.

You’ll enjoy foreseeable future-proof data protection that is application-centric but use-case and infrastructure agnostic.
It’s a totally new way to solve an old, exasperating problem.

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