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SaaS Backup

Safeguard your mission-critical SaaS data from potential loss by leveraging a comprehensive platform that offers both secure backup and lightning-fast recovery capabilities.
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The Most Secure Platform for Backing Up an Extensive and Comprehensive Array of SaaS Applications

In today’s business landscape, SaaS apps are more popular than ever, creating a wealth of essential yet vulnerable data. Surprisingly, many assume their SaaS provider automatically protects their data as part of the subscription. However, this isn’t the case.

SaaS providers operate under the Shared Responsibility model. This means they deliver the service, but you’re responsible for safeguarding your data and managing access. Unfortunately, most SaaS backup options fall short – they’re sluggish, expensive, lack essential features, and store data in inconvenient formats. That’s why many providers recommend turning to a third-party solution to secure your valuable data.

The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Backup

“If you believe using a SaaS provider means you don’t need backup, that’s a misconception. Unfortunately, this misconception is quite common. Many businesses, like those using Microsoft Office 365 or Salesforce, need SaaS backup or disaster recovery for their data…”

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Rate of Data Loss

An average of 76% of companies experience data loss due to accidents or malicious deletions.*

Source: ESG

Average Apps in Use

The average mid to large enterprise company uses 137 SaaS apps.  An average of 9 apps per user.

If you're already backing up Microsoft 365, Salesforce, or Google Workspace data, what about the rest of your SaaS app data?

Experience Effortless Data Protection with SaaS Backup

Experience the simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and expandability that SaaS Backup brings to the table for safeguarding your business-critical SaaS application data. Our solution not only ensures secure backups but also streamlines the recovery process, providing you with peace of mind.

Unparalleled Security for a Wide Array of SaaS Applications

Rest easy knowing that you can securely back up an extensive range of SaaS applications using a single, robust platform. Our commitment to comprehensive data protection means you can confidently protect your valuable digital assets, no matter the source.

Automated Backups Tailored to Your Needs

With SaaS Backup, you can automate your backup procedures, whether it’s for full-scale or granular data recovery. We empower you to tailor your backup strategy precisely to your unique requirements, ensuring you have full control over your data.

Flexibility with Your Storage Options

Take advantage of our Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS) model, allowing you to utilize your preferred data repositories on any S3-compatible storage service or platform. This flexibility ensures that you have the freedom to align your storage strategy with your specific needs.

Customized Backups with Our SDK

Empower your business with our Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables you to create tailored backups for virtually any SaaS application. Our SDK empowers you to fine-tune your data protection strategy, putting you in control of your data’s destiny.

Secure By Design

Our cutting-edge SaaS Backup platform harnesses advanced AWS architecture to fortify your SaaS data backup in the cloud, shielding it from potential unauthorized activities that could pose significant threats to your business.

Multiperson Approval (MPA)

An industry-first feature that protects against credential theft, user error or insider threats.  Require multiple people to approve actions such as deleting a data set.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Configure MFA at the user account level and specify which of seven administrative actions require MFA and MPA intervention.

Advanced Encryption

SaaS Backup uses AES 256-bit data encryption in-flight and at-rest to protect your backup data at the highest security and compliance standards.

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