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Protect Your Data: Stay Ahead of Evolving Ransomware Threats

Ransomware hits with a one-two punch: encryption and exfiltration. We’ll help you dodge these threats, ensuring your data remains out of the reach of cybercriminals.

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Don’t risk your business reputation

Cybercriminals are getting more inventive. They’re not only locking up production systems and destroying backups – now they are stealing your confidential data. It’s estimated that global ransomware damage will cost $256B* in 2031. Don’t be the next victim.

*Source: Cybersecurity Ventures, June 2022

1.0 Encrypt Production Data

The first iteration of ransomware targets production data and demands payment in exchange for keys to unlock the encrypted data.

2.0 Destroy Backups

To ensure payout, cybercriminals are going beyond the production data. Sophisticated malware targets and destroys backups, leading to longer outages and bigger financial losses.

3.0 Steal Data

Not content with just encrypting production and backup data, cybercriminals are now stealing your data and threatening to expose it on the dark web.

Threat Defense You Can Count On

Cohesity next-gen data management is an all-in-one solution for ransomware protection and cyber resilience. Go beyond zero trust and safeguard your business with Cohesity Threat Defense.

Data Resiliency

Defend your backup data from being taken hostage with resilient architecture, including robust encryption algorithms, erasure coding, immutable backup snapshots, and WORM.

Access Control

Mitigate the risk of weak or compromised user credentials with strict access controls like multifactor authentication, granular role-based access control, quorum, and more.

Detection and Analytics

Minimize the risk of data exfiltration. Discover sensitive data and detect suspicious anomalies in near real-time to reduce your blast radius.

Next-Gen Data Management takes on Ransomware

Cohesity’s next-generation data management offers a comprehensive solution for protecting against ransomware and fortifying your cyber resilience. Elevate your security posture beyond traditional zero trust measures and safeguard your business with Cohesity Threat Defense.

Javier G.

Houston Oil/Gas Company

Cohesity's ransomware protection solution has been a game-changer for our company. We used to live in constant fear of a cyberattack, but since getting with Backup Tech to help us implement Cohesity, we've had peace of mind. Their product seamlessly integrates with our existing infrastructure.

Sarah W.

Dallas Healthcare Company

As a healthcare provider, protecting patient data is our utmost priority. Backup Tech's services using Cohesity's ransomware products have proven invaluable in safeguarding our sensitive information. The ability to quickly detect and recover from ransomware attacks has saved us countless hours of downtime and potential legal and financial repercussions.

Waylon R.

Houston Start-Up Business

Our business relies heavily on innovation, and any disruption due to ransomware attacks can be catastrophic. Backup Tech has been vital in helping us navigate Cohesity's ransomware solutions. The ease of use and reliability of their products have been impressive.

Strengthen Your Data Security and Cyber Resiliency

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