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Cloud Hosting Solutions

Driving Digital Transformations Through Experience and Vision for Over 20 Years

Our cloud hosting solutions are:

Flexible – Agnostic Approach to Technology and Platforms
Secure – ISO and Industry Accredited
Customized – Built to Serve the Unique Needs of Your Organization
Powerful – Dedicated, High-Performance Servers

Enterprise Cloud Backup

Don’t let data loss threaten your business.

Reduce expensive downtime and minimize the time it takes to capture and copy data from your applications to your data protection appliances.

We offer industry-compliant backup solutions and point-in-time recovery to make your business more resilient, more reliable, and more competitive.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Combine off-site storage with an on-premises data center.

Do your security policies or industry standards make a 100% off-site solution infeasible?

Take advantage of our hybrid solutions. We’ll help you maintain strict control of the core elements of your IT network while extending your data capacity into a secure cloud environment.

This blended mix of physical servers, public solutions, and private cloud solutions is fully secure and accredited. We provide you with complex, customized, and bespoke architectures to fit your organization’s unique needs.

24/7 Technical Support For All Cloud Hosting Solutions

Our team of certified technical experts is standing by to help.
Working with Backup Technology is like acquiring an incredible IT team, without the hassles associated with hiring, vetting, and managing new employees.

Private Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud Hosting Solutions: Built Just For Your Business

Enterprise-grade cloud business email and collaborative message services.
Cloud Edge back-up technology.
Hassle-free Microsoft Exchange solutions.
Domain management services to ensure business continuity and ongoing brand protection.
Managed Office 365 services to support your remote workforce.
Managed, convenient AWS solutions.
Supported by a dedicated infrastructure.
A fully managed cloud backed by our secure infrastructure and SLAs.

Why Choose Us?

We’re not just IT professionals. We’re strategists.
When you work with Backup Technology, you work with a team of professionals who deliver independent, high-level strategies and roadmaps to optimize your IT environment while meeting your business objectives.

We’ll show you exactly how we provide your company with a return on your investment.

You’ve got data problems. We’ve got solutions.

Contact us at (800) 220-7013 now to find out how we can streamline, modernize, and protect your operations.