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Data Protection for Microsoft 365

Are you re-examining your data protection strategies because more of your workloads are in the cloud? With nearly 300 million Office 365 users, backup and recovery of this critical business data is an increasing priority.

Why do you need to back up data that lives in the cloud?


Common misperception

Cloud providers are responsible for safeguarding enterprise data in the cloud.

47% SaaS data loss

It is due to malicious deletion and service outage/unavailability and ransomware attacks are increasing.


Shared Responsibility Model

Cloud providers – including Microsoft – promote a “Shared Responsibility Model.” You must manage users and their access privileges, and protect cloud-based data assets.


You are on the hook to protect your data in the cloud.


of organizations rely solely on M365 for backup and recovery putting their data at risk.

Data Recovery

M365 includes basic native tools – and many people rely on them. But Microsoft doesn’t provide any recovery service-level agreements (SLAs), making it difficult to hit recovery time objectives (RTOs).


Only 43% of organizations were able to recover up to 76-99% of Office 365 data.

Success rates are even lower in recovering 100% of Office 365 data at 15% – an unacceptable rate for digital business.

Comprehensive Protection for Microsoft 365

Flexible protection, anywhere

Dramatically fast backups

Rapid, granular recovery

Global search for
complete visibility

Protection for most critical
M365 data

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You’ll enjoy foreseeable future-proof data protection that is application-centric but use-case and infrastructure agnostic.

It’s a totally new way to solve an old, exasperating problem.

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