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Disaster Recovery Services

DR as a Service

One-Click Scale Out DR Orchestration in a Virtual World

The Disaster Recovery Challenges

The essential success of every modern enterprise has come to depend on virtualized IT operations and business applications. However, virtualization has also made it very easy for enterprises to intensify Virtual Machine sprawl.

Environments can quickly grow to 100s or even 1000s of Virtual Machines. Disaster Recovery (DR) for these environments is complex, and the complexity is magnified by a lack of automation. It’s more than restoring VMs and data.

Dependencies among VM application components are typical. These “rules of engagement” are often captured manually in spreadsheets. When DR is required, it often fails because these spreadsheets are quickly outdated by changing VM dependencies or addition of new VMs.

There are also complex security rules that define communications and protocols among VMs. The manual processes to manage these rules during DR events creates a demanding operational burden and is dangerously error-prone.

An essential objective of DR is to recover rapidly to full operational capabilities; to maintain business operations. Truly good DR must be reliable and simple, effectively achieving recovery time objectives (RTO) at an acceptable expense.

At a Glance

Our Disaster Recovery Orchestration (DRO) introduces automation software that integrates with underlying replication technology to orchestrate one-click DR. Very low RTOs, such as 100s of VMs in 15 minutes, can be achieved for an entire site with 100s or 1000s of VMs. Enterprises no longer need to create and maintain complex spreadsheets for DR testing and execution. DR planning becomes simple with an easy-to-use DRO web UI.

Executing DR or DR test is stress free and painless. All it takes is login-select-execute. Enterprises can even schedule recurring execution of DR test plans and automate custom application transaction testing that ensures end-to-end application integrity.

Key Features and Benefits

Key features of Disaster Recovery Orchestration (DRO) include:
Simple DR Plan Creation: Create DR plans which specify.
Order of Recovery: The order of recovery for VMs can be set. For example, list Active Directory, then database, then a set of app servers, and then a set of web servers.
Network Customization: IP, DNS, VLAN port groups, and VM names can be customized. Even VMs with multiple NICs can be customized with a different IP for each NIC.
Resource Pool Customization: Compute and memory can be customized for DR and DR test plans.

BENEFIT: Simple-to-use, fully automated, and stress-free DR.

Multiple DR Plan Execution: Multiple DR or DR test plans can be executed simultaneously.

BENEFIT: Automated parallel execution further lowers RTO

One-Click DR: One-Click DR automation delivers fully automated low RTO. For example, 100 VMs can be recovered in less than 15 minutes even on commodity SATA storage.

BENEFIT: Automation ensures reliable and low RTO, which minimizes downtime losses.

Non-Disruptive Testing: Users can execute DR test plans without impact to production VMs.

BENEFIT: Ensures DR tests can be automatically carried out, as frequently as every week without impacting production

DR test plans can be used to recover VMs for patch testing, for UAT, or pre-production/staging tests, to accelerate release cycles.
Change Notification: When new VMs are added to a vApp or changes are made to existing VMs, ARD notifies operators of changes so DR plans can be adjusted accordingly.

BENEFIT: Keeping DR plans in sync with changes in production ensures reliable DR.

Security Automation: Users can specify pre and postscripts for every VM and every plan. Using these scripts, users can instantiate firewalls, setup firewall rules, setup DNS redirection, or adjust any other network or security setting.

BENEFIT: This end-to-end workflow and automation ensure that the recoveries are secure, reliable, and the time to access a fully recovered application is as low as possible.

Scheduled DR Test Execution:
Users can schedule DR test. Pre and postscripts can be set to invoke application- specific queries or DBCC to check application and data integrity.

BENEFIT: Automated and unattended DR drill every week delivers reliability and peace of mind with no impact on operations.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Multi-Tenancy: Users can set role-based access controls that are integrated into their Active Directory/LDAP. Users can also be assigned to any of four roles including DRO Admin, DRO Manage, DRO Run, DRO View. Depending upon the role, a user will be restricted to only certain operations. Multi-departmental Clients will especially benefit from this security model because they can let specific departments run or view specific DR plans.

BENEFIT: Better security controls, reduce operational burdens for large enterprise customers and managed service providers

Storage Agnostic: Users have the flexibility to run whatever storage they want in their production environment.

BENEFIT: Eliminates infrastructure vendor lock-in and lowers TCO.

One Platform for Everything: Backup Technology clients leverage Enterprises Storage as a Service for Backup, Vault, Deduplication, low bandwidth replication, Long term data retention, Low RTO DR, and virtual copies for test data management.

BENEFIT: All these capabilities, supplied by a single vendor, on one platform, will significantly reduce TCO. Please contact Backup Technology at 800-220-7013 or email us.sales@iomart.com for Business Value Assessment and see how much you can save.

System Requirements

In addition to our Data Protection Service, the Disaster Recovery Orchestration has two additional components:

  • DRO Collector: This is available as an OVA and needs at least 2 vCPUs, 8 GB RAM, 40 GB storage.
  • DRO Server: This is also available as an OVA and needs at least 8 vCPUs, 16 GB RAM, 40 GB storage.


DR as a Service managed by DR Orchestration and is available bundled with our Data Protection Service or as a stand-alone DR, business continuity only solution.
Backup Technology at 800-220-7013 or email us.sales@iomart.com for more details

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