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Backup Tech Core Services and Solutions

Backup Tech Data Protection Services

Data Protection

The Backup Tech Data Protection Service allows organizations to reduce risk by combining data protection efforts into one platform and delivering through one vendor consumption-based model. This approach protects valuable data and provides recovery anywhere, anytime.

Backup Tech Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery Service helps protect mission-critical applications and data across clouds, self-managed, or Backup Tech-managed environments. Meet demanding business SLAs across application tiers and environments, and gain agility, with the Backup Tech DRaaS.

Backup Tech Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Storage

The Backup Tech Cloud Storage and Tiering Service is a cost-effective way for businesses to store data in the cloud. It automatically moves data between different storage tiers based on access frequency. This helps to optimize storage costs and performance.

Backup Tech Business Resiliency Services

Business Resiliency

Our Business Resiliency Service helps guard businesses that mare increasingly exposed to a wide range of risks, including natural disasters, cyberattacks, and supply chain disruptions. These risks can have a devastating impact on a business’s operations, finances, and reputation.