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Data attacks are on the rise, with a significant increase in ransomware threats year-over-year. Bad actors are not just encrypting data but also destroying backups and stealing information for profit, thereby increasing the damage caused. To prevent cyber-attacks, companies need to adopt next-gen data management practices that fortify their environment and improve their response strategy.

Global ransomware damage costs, including lost revenue and productivity, are predicted to exceed $265 billion by 2031.

Here are five ways to boost cyber resiliency:

1. Protecting backup data and systems from ransomware attacks.
Protect backup data and systems by using solutions with native immutable backup snapshots, which can’t be encrypted, modified, or deleted, ensuring the authenticity of the data. Gain additional layers of protection by using modern and flexible data isolation and fault-tolerant solutions.

2. Reducing the risk of unauthorized access to data.
Reduce the risk of unauthorized access through strict access control capabilities, granular role-based access control, and multi-factor authentication.

3. Stopping encroachment by seeing and detecting attacks.
Detect attacks through proactive and predictive capabilities, such as automatic discovery and classification of sensitive data, baseline information, and early visibility into anomalies.

4. Integrating data management solutions seamlessly with existing security systems.
Integrate data management solutions seamlessly with existing security systems to break down data silos and functional barriers, empowering organizations to detect, investigate, and respond to threats faster.

5. Rapidly recovering data at scale.
Rapidly recover data at scale without reinfecting the environment with malware, using solutions that allow quick restoration of large databases or volumes of unstructured data to any point in time and location.

Strengthen Your Cyber Resiliency with Backup Tech

Next-gen data management is crucial to combat ransomware and strengthen cyber resiliency, providing organizations with the data security and recovery capabilities they need to stay competitive and confidently refuse to pay ransom. For more information visit our cyber resiliency page.