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Modernize your 3-2-1 with Data Isolation and Recovery as a Service.

Slow recovery times, intensive infrastructure management, specialized skills, and prohibitive costs. Organizations using magnetic tape to ship data off-site or run their own data vault usually experience these and many other issues.

So instead, here are the top 5 reasons to switch to data isolation and recovery as a service.

  1. Boost Cyber Reliance: Deploy least privilege, segregation, and granular Zero Trust security principles with that immutable copy of your data.
  2. Say “Go!”: Start today and simplify operations, lower costs with pay-per-use (PPU) service, and customize your protection policies.
  3. Keep Tier 0 Data Safe: Secure your business and Tier 0 data by retaining an immutable copy in a Cohesity-managed cloud vault.
  4. Obtain Cyber Insurance: You’ll need sufficient internal security controls, a modern backup solution, and an isolated and offline copy of data.
  5. Hit RTOs: Achieve stringent service-level agreements (SLAs) with physical separation, network isolation, AND secure, highly available data.

 Remove complexity, protect your data and scale.

What If You Could:

  • Simplify hybrid and multi-cloud data security and management
  • Add a layer to your ransomware defense with a virtual air gap
  • Say goodbye to managing your own infrastructure

Now you can. And for the next thirty days, you can test drive all this functionality for free!

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