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Every year data governance becomes more and more significant. Recently, I’ve had many inquiries from our clients about all aspects of managing, organizing, and protecting corporate data.

To that end, I decided to create several posts about data governance. In the next few weeks, I’ll touch on all many aspects of data governance. The goal is to provide you with enough knowledge to ask the right questions and begin the journey to better corporate data governance.

Data Mismanagement Creates Trust Issues

Our lives are now connected with data like never before. Our digital footprint continues to grow from private communications into the most obscure pursuits online hunt. We, the digital citizens, trust in a company’s stewardship of our information. Mismanagement of our personal data breaks our confidence, damaging our openness to doing future business.

Data permeates organizations as much as it does our personal lives. It may be said companies today construct their “digital transformation” on their data. Their management, accessibility, and data usage let them attain insights into new markets and achieve greater efficiencies. The high quality and integrity of information within a corporation are imperative to maximize digital agility.

Storing this much data is a daunting job. Organizing it in a way that allows the data to be found and used requires intellect. Information that users can’t see is of no value. Intelligence enables us to know what’s being stored and where. Intelligence allows appropriate reporting on all these activities.

For digital citizens to maintain confidence in organizations they choose to engage with, proper governance of information is crucial. For corporations to fully leverage their digital resources, correct governance of data is essential. With emerging regulations applying to personal digital information, data governance is a financial imperative.

Data expansion will continue for the foreseeable future, and the sensitive data will only increase. Thus, the requirement to intelligently govern information will continue to be a paramount task for all organizations.

In this blog series, I hope to supply you with insights to move beyond simply storing and protecting data. But helping to enable you to create a frame to govern your data stored for the duration of time it’s required by regulation, or has value to your business.

Keep in mind that governance is not meant to be heavy-handed control endorsed by complicated and stoic procedures. Instead, it is an effort to make a fluid and flexible data fabric intended to boost your data’s relevance and value.

In the next post, we will look at a few of the many regulations with which organizations must comply and the consequences for not meeting them.

Until next time. /MC

Catch up with the Data Governance Series from this overview blog post. And as always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss your Data Governance efforts further, feel free to email or call myself of the Backup Tech team.